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🕯️ Step into the Pieces of Me Collection, where every candle scent tells a unique story, reflecting different facets of your personality and desires:

🌿 STILL FLY: Embrace your inner elegance with the harmonious blend of LUSH botanicals and the luxurious embrace of CASHMERE, evoking a sense of timeless sophistication and grace. SOCO & PLUSH adds a touch of allure, enticing you to revel in your own magnetic charm.

🍬 CANDY GIRL: Indulge your playful side with the vibrant glass of SANGRIA or the aroma of FLOWERS, mingled with the sugary sweetness of CANDY, GELATO,  and the irresistible allure of CAKE. Let these scent transport you to carefree moments of joy and whimsy.

🍰 CAKE-NICE CREAM: Treat yourself to the delectable delights of COOKIES BERRIES, MACARONS, and the comforting aroma of CAKE, reminiscent of indulgent desserts shared with loved ones. Allow these scent to whisk you away to a world of sweet nostalgia and happiness.

Discover the essence of who you are with the Pieces of Me Collection. Each candle is a reflection of your inner beauty and complexity, inviting you to embrace every facet of your being. Elevate your space, embrace your essence. #PiecesOfMe 🌟

Candle in Hands
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